EDMONTON -- The Bissell Centre has received a large donation of bottled water amidst the summer heat wave.

A west Edmonton branch of Canadian insurance company ‘Westland Insurance’ dropped off two pallets of bottled water to the centre Thursday afternoon.

The delivery follows an urgent call from the Bissell Centre, asking for bottled water donations to help keep unhoused Edmontonians hydrated during Alberta’s summer heat wave.

Scarlet Vjornson, marketing and communications coordinator at the Bissell Centre, says there has been a steady stream of traffic dropping water off all day.

“Edmonton is the greatest city maybe on the planet for the response that they do for people in need,” said Vjornson.

“They always go above and beyond, they always meet the need. And on top of it, they bring in a truck load of water and they’re saying, ‘Give us a call, let us know what else you need’.”

Now with more water than they can store, the Bissell Centre is directing its extra donations to other organizations in the city.

“We’re sending people everywhere else that’s put out a call,” said Vjornson.

The Edmonton Food bank, the Mustard Seed, George Spady Centre, Boyle Street Community and Operation Friendship Seniors Society are all still in need of water to help support Edmontonians experiencing homelessness across the city.

Vjorson says heat waves can lead to a number of issues for the community including heatstroke, sunburn, and in some cases an increased risk of overdose due to dehydration.

The Bissell Centre has now switched their call out from bottled water to requesting light summer clothing, sunscreen, hats, and bug spray.

Donations can be made to the Bissell Centre at 10527 96 St., between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. until Friday.