EDMONTON -- The water is receding at Alberta Beach after Lac Ste. Anne waters rose to the highest levels since 1974, but more than a hundred properties are still at risk.

On Wednesday, wind gusts sent waves crashing against the shorelines and at properties. The village’s sewer system was at risk of backing up, so an emergency alert was issued.

The mayor of the village said at least six homes took on water on Wednesday.

The province’s water table show levels are half a meter above the average. Officials said a build-up of debris at a nearby weir meant to regulate flow to the Sturgeon River.

In the last 24 hours, the weir gave way, bringing water levels down slightly.

“Our good news is somebody else’s bad news because someone downstream is getting this water,” said Alberta Beach Mayor Jim Benedict.

Even though water levels are dropping, residents said they’re still higher than they have been in decades, and wind is in the forecast for the weekend, which could cause overland flooding.

“On Sunday it’s supposed to come back at us with 80 kilometer per hour winds, and that won’t be good for us,” Benedict said.

The municipal affairs minister says emergency management field officers are on the ground and stand ready to deploy sandbags and tiger dams, if needed.  

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Dan Grummett