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'We are sorry': Edmonton Corn Maze issues statement on RCMP theme

The Edmonton Corn Maze says it's sorry for any 'pain' the 2023 RCMP theme may have caused. (File) The Edmonton Corn Maze says it's sorry for any 'pain' the 2023 RCMP theme may have caused. (File)

The Edmonton Corn Maze says it will give more thought to future themes, to make sure the maze is a welcoming space for everyone.

On Friday, the maze posted a statement on Facebook expressing regret for any pain this year's RCMP may have caused marginalized communities.

"At the time of creating the design, our intention was not to overlook or downplay the concerns associated with the RCMP," the statement read.

"We recognize that our approach did not adequately take into account the hurt and harm that the RCMP's history has caused various communities, including Indigenous Peoples and people of colour.

"We acknowledge that such a portrayal may be perceived as insensitive and dismissive of these valid issues.

"We are sorry."

Jesse Kraay, Edmonton Corn Maze owner and operator, has been choosing different themes for the maze for 23 years.

He did not say what specifically prompted the statement, but said Saturday that more thought could have gone into choosing the 2023 design.

"We originally made the design to highlight some of the work that the RCMP is doing throughout the province and around the country," he said. "We also realize that there's a history with the RCMP that we have to remember too.

"It's not all good."

Kraay said the design can't be changed at this time, but in the future he will work to make sure every maze is something all visitors can connect with in a positive way.

"We aim to be a place here where everyone can come, enjoy themselves and interact with their neighbours and have a good time," he added. Top Stories

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