EDMONTON -- An Alberta band of brothers have a new song that promotes togetherness. It’s called 'I'm Not Your Enemy' and it comes at a time where racial divisions have led to violent confrontations in American and Canadian cities.

“It just talks about I'm not your enemy. We don’t have to start a war with each other,” said Zacary, 13.

Even the video for the song was filmed at the legislature grounds, the group the Melisizwe Brothers made up of three teenage siblings say it’s not intended to be political.

“We’re all one people and there’s only one earth and we have to stick together that’s what it’s all about,” said Seth, 14.

“We just need to stop fearing each other and stop fearing ourselves,” adds oldest brother Marc,16.

The Melisizwe Brothers are actually the James brothers who live in Leduc. The name Melisizwe is South African, meaning Leaders of the Future. With thousands of views already of their new song, the future is getting brighter for the trio.

“It’s been a pretty cool journey for us lots has been happening," says Zacary. “We’ve been trying to reach out to people and continue to share our music with the rest of the world and that’s our dream and that’s what we want to do.

The start to their career has been a dream come true already. It started four years ago when their rendition of the Jackson Five song “I'll Be There” became a hit online. That lead to an appearance on Ellen, a gig singing in Time Square, a win at Showtime At The Apollo, and the Canadians were recently crowned the champions on the Nickelodeon show America’s Most Musical Family.

“Winning on America’s Most Musical Family, that was definitely a life changer for us,” says Seth.

The brothers say it’s helped them gain even more fans around the world, and a bigger opportunity to inspire more people, but Marc says it’s important to stay grounded at home, no matter what they do.

“I’m Not Your Enemy starts in Edmonton. We just wanted to get Edmonton involved first.”