EDMONTON -- Jeff Paulus is no longer FC Edmonton's head coach, but he's already working for another local club.

Paulus is leaving the club after the Eddies' disappointing showing in this year’s Canadian Premier League’s shortened season in Prince Edward Island.

The team finished at the bottom of the standings with no wins and only a single draw through seven matches.

"Between us we just decided it would be a good time to make a change in the head coach," FC Edmonton owner Tom Fath said.

After FC Edmonton's fourth loss, Paulus caught many off-guard by making post-game comments suggesting the team needed a new voice to take over.

Paulus took to twitter Monday to thank FC Edmonton brass for the opportunity to coach and to double down on his “new voice” comments.

"I have been here a while, have done almost every role you can imagine, including a stint as the General Manager, and believe that this is the right time to go," Paulus said.

"I think it will be healthy for these players to hear a new voice, some for the first time in eight, nine years."

Paulus is now Edmonton Scottish's technical director. He will remain with FC Edmonton's youth academy on a part-time basis and continue to support the first team.

"I want to see this club win a championship," Paulus said. "For this city, for its fans, for its supporters. I want to see this club win a championship with Edmonton players."

FC Edmonton ownership says it plans on hiring a new coach within the next two months, and the roster will also look different.

"We didn't score as well as we needed to last year," Fath said. "We didn’t score as well as we needed to this year. We need some changes."