EDMONTON -- Two parked vehicles were damaged after a grader smashed into one of them.

It happened at 3:10 a.m. on Thursday in south Edmonton.

The crash was captured on video by Rick Medlock’s security camera.

The grader can be seen crashing into the back of a vehicle, before pushing it forward into a parked Jeep. The grader then drives away.

Medlock said the two vehicles that were involved in the smash-up are owned by the same couple.

"We got a text message from Jason across the street at about 6:30 this morning asking if I could check my video feeds of my security cameras to see if there was anything he could use," Medlock told CTV News Edmonton.

"We were quite aghast at what we spotted."

Medlock believes the crash caused significant damage to at least one of the vehicles.

"The grader definitely hit the back end of the van, and crushed the back end in, which pushed it into their Jeep. The tire on the Jeep has crushed the grill, and the hood is very well damaged, so he can’t even get the hood open," he said.

Medlock said a third camera on his property captured the grader driving southbound on 66 Street after the crash. He wants to see the driver held accountable.

"I hope the City of Edmonton police are able to identify the contractor and are able to at least deal with that appropriately and file the appropriate charges."

The city released a brief statement on the crash on Thursday afternoon.

"Safety of people and property is our priority and we take incidents like this seriously. As part of the training and orientation City staff and contractors must take, all operators are required to report collisions immediately to a City of Edmonton supervisor. In this case, it appears the operator did not report the collision.

We are working to ascertain the details of the incident and are fully cooperating with EPS in their investigation." 

The city was not able to confirm whether it owned the grader or if it was contracted from a third party.