A recent survey suggests Alberta cannabis users like to get high before they get down.

An Ipsos survey sampled 1,002 Canadians over the age of 18 who are cannabis users.

Across Canada, 82 per cent of respondents said they have used cannabis as part of a sexual experience (72 per cent before; 66 per cent after; 44 per cent as foreplay; 57 per cent before self-pleasure).

Eighty-eight per cent of Albertan participants said cannabis made sex better, whether it helped increase pleasure and sensation (52 per cent), resulted in stronger orgasms (33 per cent) or created a better connection with their partner (48 per cent).

“It definitely shows that Canadians are really sexy,” said Carlen Costa, sexologist, psychotherapist and cannabis educator.

“And that current cannabis consumers, who consume and have consumed cannabis, are interested in how to incorporate it into their intimate lifestyle.”

Costa told CTV News she has noticed an uptick in client curiosity in cannabis since it was legalized on Oct. 17.

“They’re asking how to use cannabis, what are the different recommended consumption methods, potentially different strains of cannabis as well,” Costa said.

But she said it was important to note that how cannabis effects sexual ability and arousability is both consumption and dose dependent.

She had one piece of advice: start low and go slow. While it can have other potential benefits—like improving relaxation or aiding pain relief—cannabis effects every person differently.

“There’s no need to rush into consuming a large amount or rushing into it without doing your own research. Have a conversation with medical professional or cannabis educator, or even seeking online government resources because there are so many out there that are reliable and that people can turn to to get this kind of information to support them.”

The survey was commissioned by Xscape Cannabis, an Ontario-based producer that released a Flix ‘N Chill strain ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Xscape says the product “delivers a pleasantly bitter citrus aroma, trailed by an earthy, skunky flavor and aftertaste.” The hybrid strain contains between 20 and 24 per cent THC.