A number of residents living in a west Edmonton apartment complex had a rough start to the week, and many are facing pricey repairs, after the tires on nearly two dozen vehicles in the parking complex were slashed.

Residents discovered the results of the vandalism spree over the weekend, a total of 23 vehicles were targeted in the parking complex of the building on 173 Street and 69 Avenue, many with all four tires slashed.

On Monday, a number of residents were dealing with the aftermath, and facing the prospect of having to pay for the expensive repairs.

“It’s pretty upsetting, we were working hard to save money and now I have to lend him money to pay for it,” Brianna Schmidt said, as her boyfriend removed the damaged tires from his truck Monday.

Another resident said the unexpected repairs will be a major hit to her finances.

“It’s traumatic for us, we don’t have $500 to do this repair,” Christina Forbes said.

“Do we pay for the vehicle repairs or do we pay for our rent?”

Boardwalk Rentals manages the property, and has offered to work out payment plans to help residents who can’t afford both.

“I still have to come up with almost a thousand dollars for someone’s weekend pleasure on my vehicle,” Forbes said.

Residents said vandalism, usually not to this extent, is a problem in the area, and they want security cameras installed.

“We have been telling Boardwalk so many times ‘You’ve gotta fix this’,” Aasil Thakkar said. “We are willing to cooperate, whatever your installation fees for cameras.”

Boardwalk said extra security staff had been hired in recent weeks, and patrols are done regularly at all properties – something the company said is more effective than cameras.

The incidents have been reported to police, and they are investigating.

With files from Amanda Anderson