EDMONTON -- Following the examples of other cities around the globe Wetaskiwin Mayor Tyler Gandam announced the state of local emergency in a video on Facebook.

“By declaring the state of emergency the city can access resources needed to address a potential outbreak within the community.”

Gandam said there are three cases of COVID-19 in the Wetaskiwin area as of March 24 and he expects that number to grow.

“Stay home. Don’t take unnecessary risks.”

Council also passed an amendment to the Plastic Checkout Bag bylaw suspending enforcement of the bylaw.

“We will also be working with grocery stores to ensure the number of shoppers is minimized and that prices remain within a reasonable range,” said Gandam “It is my hope that as a community we will later look back at the actions we have taken and feel that we did enough.”

More information on what the City of Wetaskiwin is doing can be found on their website.