EDMONTON -- After being forced to cancel multiple wedding ceremonies, a young Edmonton couple decided to get creative.

Scott and Judy Slade said “I do” from the comfort of their home last Tuesday, March 17. The couple had originally planned on eloping, just the two of them. After consideration, the lovebirds decided to make a larger event of it so Scott’s three kids could attend.

Not long after their engagement, everything was planned for a Las Vegas wedding with 60 guests.

“First week of November we basically had the whole wedding planned out and we started booking things,” Scott Slade told CTV News Edmonton via video chat.

That Vegas wedding didn’t seem to be in the cards.

By the time February rolled in, the COVID-19 outbreak had worsened — and it became clear to the couple they had to cancel.

“I was just like ‘I don’t have it in me to get another wedding together,’ but Scott just got on the phone and started doing it anyway,” Judy Slade said while sitting next to her new husband on video chat.

The two decided to go ahead and have their wedding in Edmonton instead.

“We had a really good friend who she took the bull by its horns and called a million venues and started gathering decorations for us,” said Scott.

But that wedding wasn’t meant to be either. As the COVID-19 pandemic came closer to home, the couple decided to call it off.

“That was a tough night for us. It was the night of the 16th that we talked about it,” said Scott. “Yeah, yeah... There was a lot of crying for me, for sure,” Judy agreed.

But the next day, Scott had an idea.

The two decided they wouldn’t let a pandemic prevent them from saying their vows.

They invited two friends and a reverend to their home and held a quiet ceremony, declaring their love for one another.

“It was the most perfect wedding,” recalled Judy. “We just had each other, we had so much fun.”

At time of publishing, the Slades continued to self-isolate in their home in Edmonton.

They’re calling it their honeymoon.