It was an unusual sight in the skies over Edmonton Monday morning as an early morning storm moved into the region. Those who were awake were quick to grab their cameras and capture video and images of a very unusual orange, pinkish colour sky.

The storm moved through parts of the city around 5:30 a.m. A brief, intense thunderstorm produced heavy rain, lightning and loud thunder.

"Lightning all over the place, it was a nice show, thunder, lightning all across there," said Yvon Marier who took pictures of the storm, which he later posted on CTV's Facebook page.

Lightning did strike one mobile home in south Edmonton and one in Leduc. Neighbours living near a Mill Woods mobile park say they jumped out of bed when a bolt shattered the side of a nearby shady tree.

"While I was out there I heard the biggest, biggest bang, kind of right in behind my place," said Charlene Maillet.

She says she was still at home in the Evergreen Mobile Park when the sound startled her, shortly after she looked out the front window.

Fire erupted on the roof after lightning struck.

"I think how loud it was and I'm a few doors away what it must have been like to be inside that trailer and hear that, probably was pretty traumatic for her," said Maillet.

Some minor flooding was reported at Edmonton International Airport, but with the lightning came a complete ground halt to flights. 

"That occurred at 5:30 to sometime after 7 and that of course is our busiest time at the airport and that has meant some delays this morning," said Traci Bednard, spokesperson for Edmonton International Airport.

The airlines were working throughout the day to catch up. Later in the afternoon, some flights were still behind, some as long as two hours.

With files from Susan Amerongen