It was a hot day in Slave Lake, Alta., on Wednesday, so Sam Assaf left the door to his barbershop open to let the fresh air in.

And then a wild customer came into the LionsDen Barbershop.

"I've never seen a bear in my life," Assaf told CTV News Edmonton. "It happened inside my barbershop."

"How ironic? A bear is hanging at the LionsDen."

Assaf called 911, and while he says the small bear was harmless and no one was injured, it caused damage to his three-week-old barbershop.

"He terrorized the place," Assaf said. "He ruined my work station.

"He defecated in my barbershop … it was a bad day for me."

Police told people taking pictures outside to stand back, and the bear eventually walked out.

"It was such a mess, but luckily he never took down my clippers. Those are expensive tools."