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Yellow slide at Edmonton Expo Centre dismantled Wednesday


The big slide at the Edmonton Expo Centre was dismantled on Wednesday.

The Kiwanis slide, commonly known as the big yellow slide, opened in 1974 but hasn't been in use since 2019 due to structural problems, Explore Edmonton said.

"It's mixed emotions today to realize that we're dismantling it," said Arlindo Gomes, Explore Edmonton vice president of business development and venue management.

"Every time I talk about this slide, everyone's got memories about being on the slide. It's meant something to them. They brought their kids on it, their grandkids on it, and they come back and relive those memories."

The Kiwanis Club of Edmonton slide coordinator called it a dismantling, not a demolition, "because we're looking to rebuild."

"If everything goes as planned, we will be rebuilding," said Teresa Benjamin.

"[Explore Edmonton wants] to keep this going, they want to find a way to help us rebuild this and incorporate it into the new Bonanza Park."

Later on Wednesday, K-Days announced "The Euroslide" for this year's festival. Top Stories

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