An Edmonton couple is relieved they no longer have to pay for property damage they say they didn’t cause.

In February, a detached garage exploded near Kyle Watkins’ and Lita Pawliw’s rental home in Edmonton’s Griesbach neighbourhood.

The blast levelled the garage, broke windows and caused cracks in walls of neighbouring homes, including the couple’s.

When spring arrived, cracks in the home’s foundation led to flooding, damaging the mementos belonging to Pawliw’s late daughter. The family moved out at the end of May over frustrations with a lack of repairs.

Westcorps Property Management sent them a bill for nearly $4,400, which included a payment for breaking their lease, rent, and a $950-charge for wall damage caused during the explosion. 

“This just isn’t fair. Our daughters are getting sick. The window frame around their window was blown out,” Pawliw said. “I don’t think I should have to pay a $4,400 bill because you guys didn’t do your job.”

CTV News Edmonton called WestCorp Property on Tuesday afternoon to inquire about the couple’s bill and within less than 30 minutes, Mandeep Kaur, the regional property manager for the company, returned the call and said everything was resolved.

“The tenant is happy and if you need any further information you can contact the tenant,” Kaur said.   

Watkins said he received a call from WestCorp Property management, mentioning a phone call from CTV News Edmonton.

“I’m looking at your file right now,” Watkins said, recalling what management told him. “We are going to completely abolish the whole file, return your damage deposit and it will show tomorrow.”

Darcy Gerzanich, who lives next door to Watkins and Pawliw, watched crews fix up their house after it was vacated and wonders when the damage to his house will also be fixed. His front window has been repaired but he said the cracks inside the house and outside the house have not.

“We had some maintenance people come in and ask to see the full extent of the damage and then that was it,” Gerzanich. “We haven’t really heard anything else. And that’s been since February.”

When CTV News Edmonton asked Kaur when the rest of the damaged property will be fixed, she said she could not share any information related to other calls.