EDMONTON -- A family's lawn sign in northwest Edmonton is turning heads and creating connections.

A simple homemade sign sits on the front lawn of the Wriekkinen family home. It only has four words on it, but it's a powerful message.

"We wanted to provide a more inclusive message because we wanted to reach out, not just to the Black Lives Matter but here in Canada, the Indigenous lives," said Dellas Wriekkinen.

The sign simply says: U MATTER 2 ME.

The family was inspired after attending a local Black Lives Matter rally.

"After that rally and seeing all the horrific, everything horrific happening in the news, not just Black Lives Matter but so many things, we were compelled to do something," said Dellas.

The family put the sign up on their lawn, even wearing pride shirts when they did.

"I felt with everything that was going on I just felt I needed to help and reassure people that they're not alone in this," said nine-year-old Augustus Wreikkinen.

And the Wreikkinens would soon find out, they aren't alone either.

"We were hoping that it would impact somebody and we would never know what that impact was but we've had people honk," said Dellas.

He says they've gotten thank you letters in their mailbox, and have overheard people walking by their house talking about the sign.

"One person turned to the other person and says, 'You matter to me too.'"

Just as important for the proud father is the message he's been able to instill in his own children.

"We're trying to be a role model for him to build a better future," said Dellas.

"We love you, and we respect you," said Augustus. "And you matter to us."

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Darcy Seaton