EDMONTON -- An Edmonton company is making it easier for drivers to keep their gas tanks topped up.

Fuel Donkey is an on-demand fueling service that brings its product right to a customer’s driveway. “The other day I saw that my fuel was low coming home from just going to get groceries,” new mom Sarah told CTV News, “and I came home and put in the app that I needed gas.”

“Basically, you never have to go to the gas station again,” said Vanessa Lupus, Fuel Donkey’s marketing and communications representative.

The company offers regular, premium, and diesel fuel – bought directly from the refineries. “Because we are refinery direct we are able to have competitive prices with the gas stations,” explained Lupus.

Fuel Donkey was started in 2015 offering bulk delivery to businesses. Three years later, “we realized that we had an opportunity to deliver fuel directly to people’s personal vehicles. So in 2018 we started working with an app developer,” explained Lupus.

And then came the COVID-19 pandemic. “We have a lot of people who are older and of course in the risky areas that are calling us saying, ‘We don’t want to get fuel, so what do we do?’ So it’s been a really great opportunity to help.”

Perfect for new mom’s like Sarah. “During a pandemic it’s less exposure to being out in the community, being at gas stations and so one less exposure to the germs and COVID.”

Fuel Donkey currently operates in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert but there are plans to expand to other areas in the future.

With files from CTV Edmonton’s Amanda Anderson