EDMONTON -- The province of Alberta has announced that there are 31 new cases of COVID-19 in Alberta, bringing the total number of cases to 226.

Officials believe up to 16 of the cases are due to community spread.

Eleven people are currently in hospital because of the virus, and six of those are in the intensive care unit.

One of the cases is in a senior’s home, but the senior’s home is not being identified.

At this point, the province is not aware that anyone who is homeless has contracted the virus.

Dr. Marcia Johnson provided the update on Saturday in order to allow Dr. Deena Hinshaw time away to spend with her family.

Johnson announced that starting next week the province will start rolling out parameters for police to become involved in cases where people aren’t following emergency restrictions set out as a result of COVID-19, but she said at this time further details aren’t being provided.

"There are reports across Canada of people not following the advice," she said. "Here in Alberta we are receiving some of those reports."

"A plan is in place and will be starting to roll out over the next week that would allow public health inspectors to monitor large groups in restaurants and businesses. There’s also power being provided to the police to deal with through fines I believe, for people who might not be following the reccomendations."

Johnson also reminded people to continue to be vigilant about washing hands and maintaining physical distance during the pandemic. She also reminded the public to beware of scams, and that Alberta Health Services would not ask for financial information over the phone.

"No one from Alberta Health or Alberta Health Services will be calling an asking for social insurance numbers, credit card numbers, or banking information."

She also said that worship services could still take place on Sunday, provided that they were less than 50 people and good hand hygiene is practiced.

"Anyone who is ill with even minor symptoms must not attend," she said.

The province said there would not be a press conference on Sunday, but a new total number of cases would be provided.