The driver of a gravel truck with a flatbed trailer received 13 traffic violations in Strathcona County last week for having an unsecured load.

A driver phoned police after he witnessed the truck hit two overpasses on Friday afternoon.

A peace officer spotted the truck and intercepted it as it came off Anthony Henday Drive onto Sherwood Park Freeway.

"I could actually see some of the load shifting, and you could see certain parts of it swaying in the wind, as well," Steve Schmidt with Strathcona County Enforcement Services told CTV News Edmonton.

"My instant reaction was that this was definitely a huge safety risk and that we definitely need to stop this vehicle and assess exactly what was going."

Police counted over $5,000 in violations, the driver was fined and received warnings, and the vehicle was placed out of service "until violations were remedied."

Schmidt said this violation is an extreme example, though officers do see similar situations often.

"This causes concern for us every day, because when people choose to cut corners with safety measures, that's when tragedy can happen."