A Beaumont woman is offering a unique way for people to get their flowers on the go.

Laura Crawley transformed a truck into The Little Flower Truck, a mobile flower shop.

"People come and can build their own bouquets and just experience something different," said owner Laura Crawley.

The Little Flower Truck

She got the idea after seeing a photo in the United States and said, to her knowledge, it is the only one of its kind operating in the Edmonton area.

With help from her husband, they converted the back of the truck to display the flowers and hold all of her supplies.

"There's storage inside all the boxes so I can carry my signs and my table and my paper and all my supplies that I need," said Crawley.

Cawley takes the truck to a few farmers’ markets in the area and it can be booked for private functions.

"The truck is quite unique, I've never seen anything like it before. It's almost like a portable road stand for your flowers," said Renee-Lynn Flamand, an employee at Desjardins Insurance on Saddleback Road.

The truck was booked for a staff appreciation event at her office.

"When you go into a flower store or grocery store they already have the flowers bundled for you and you just go and you choose the bundle that you like,” said Flamand.

“This one you were actually able to customize it to the flowers that you wanted and the colours that you wanted.”

The Little Flower Truck

When available, Crawley gets her flowers from local growers.

"Everything is priced per stem so people can come and make a $5 bouquet or a $50 bouquet," said Crawley.

She has also set up on Whyte Avenue on two occasions.

“People come and they take selfies and it's a very instagramable truck so it ends up on a lot of people's social medias and just the surprise that 'Oh my goodness, there's flowers on the side of the road' so it's pretty neat to see people's reactions.”

The Little Flower Truck

She said her bright teal truck filled with flowers has gotten a lot of attention, even when she's driving.

"This man and this lady in this truck waved me down and said 'Can we please purchase a bouquet from you?' so that was really cool. Driving down the street people frantically wave at me.”

Crawley hopes to operate until October, weather permitting, then plans to look for indoor events over the winter.