EDMONTON -- Changes are coming to a former furniture store in the Queen Mary Park neighbourhood. The old Brick store on 107 Avenue is currently under renovation to become a multi-business retail space.

The new development has been titled “Manchester Square” by the developer, 76 Group.

Manchester Square concept

Manchester Square concept image. (Source: 76 Group)

"A touch of European architectural grace is coming soon to the northwest corner of 120 Street and 107 Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta," the developer’s website reads.

"Complete with parking lot and ambient details such as a fountain and even a hidden alleyway, the development is sure to bring an infusion of fresh energy and a vibrant lifestyle destination to the area."

Manchester Square concept

The square will feature 56,000 square feet of space, with enough room for 20 businesses. According to the developer’s website, two of the units are already leased, with four more units pending.

Manchester Square concept

The development is expected to open in 2020.