Data breaking down naming trends in 2018 suggest Alberta parents received inspiration from a number of sources—including Star Wars and Marvel.

Last year, 54,104 babies were born in the province: 25,717 boys, and 24,387 girls.

Among the most popular names were monikers that have previously boasted No. 1: Olivia (for the fifth year in a row), and Liam, who regained the top spot after being displaced in 2018 by Noah for the first time in years.

Other popular female names included Emma, Charlotte and Emily, after whom 230, 175, and 164 newborns were named.

Oliver, Noah, Ethan and Logan rounded out the boys’ top five.

However, the government data suggests parents found inspiration from pop culture items like Star Wars (Kylo, Leia and Anakin) and Marvel (Loki, Thanos and Captain).

As well, several places (Ireland, Chicago and Venice) and outer space references (Galaxy, Jupiter and Moon) were given as names.

A full list of the most popular names can be found online.