EDMONTON -- Alberta students are the best in Canada and among the top in the world in reading and science, according to results from an international standardized test. 

The Programme for International Student Assesment (PISA) measures the achievement of 15-year-old students through a test it administers across 79 countries. 

Alberta students scored third in the world in reading and fourth in science. Alberta students scored second highest among Canadian provinces in math, behind only Quebec. 

"We remain the envy of the world, when it comes to our outstanding achievement results," said Alberta Teachers Association president Jason Schilling, noting that teachers and students should be "very, very proud" of the results. 

"We have outstanding public schools, with amazing teachers and a world-class curriculum." 

The ATA says the results show how if Alberta were a country, its public education system would globally rank third in reading, third in science and eighth in math.