EDMONTON -- It's called ‘All-Round Champion,’ a reality competition series featuring elite young athletes who try to earn the most points to be crowned champion. However, they don’t get to compete in their own sports. They put their skill-sets to the test in another sport which is foreign to them.

That’s the challenge, and Spruce Grove’s Jennifer Heil is one the guest judges for the show’s second season. 

“I mean the most compelling part is of course bragging rights. Who doesn’t want to show that they can master someone else’s sport?” said Heil.

The former Olympic and World champion freestyle skier is one of the judges who helps train the athletes. Two other Alberta Olympians are also involved; Figure skater Jamie Sale and Cross Country skier Beckie Scott. 

“There were some serious tears obviously because they had to go through a mogul course. They didn’t even know how to put on their skis,” Heil told CTV news. 

The 37-year-old who retired 10 years ago never misses an opportunity to promote her sport, and believes this could be a big year for skiing. Winter sports are enjoying boosts in popularity during the lockdown. Equipment has been in short supply as people hit the slopes and trails. 

“I hope this is the year that changes everything....Fingers crossed that its the year of skiing but also that we become more physically active and can maintain it.”

Heil says there are no plans for her to return to the show, which runs on the TVO network. But she’s hoping to perhaps make an appearance as a contestant.

“I’m still waiting for the call to like, I don’t know, the retired edition of ‘All-round champion’. I would totally go for it,” joked Heil.