After nearly six weeks of planning, a convoy is now rolling across the country.

The group, United We Roll Convoy for Canada, is headed to Parliament Hill to protest several issues.

They want the federal government to repeal  the carbon tax and take immediate action on pipeline projects.

“Sell that oil and gas, let’s keep the money here. You’re going to tax the carbon tax, keep the money here,” said Karl Nielsen, a participant in the convoy.

“Over 56 per cent of British Columbians are in favour of building the Trans Mountain Pipeline and the majority of people in Quebec are in favour of Energy East that’s being blocked by the provincial government. Why is that happening?” said Dick Clancy, a B.C. man who is also part of the convoy.

The convoy of about 100 trucks started in Red Deer, Alta., and made its way through Calgary around 10 a.m. Thursday.

Convoy on the move

They expect to reach Ottawa on or before Feb. 18, allowing a few extra days in case of weather delays.

More vehicles are expected to join the convoy as it heads east across the Prairies.

“Yellow vest, blue coveralls, white hard hat, doesn’t matter. Whatever you want to wear as long as you are peaceful and respectful then come on out. Radicals, stay home,” said organizer Glen Carritt.

There were originally two convoys being planned, but the groups joined forces.

Organizers said they’ll work with police along the route to keep the convoy moving.

You can follow the convoy here.

Then, on Feb. 19, the trucks will park at Parliament Hill with a rally and speeches to get underway at 7 a.m.

With files from Jaclyn Brown