Often, if someone forgets to return a library book, it might be a couple of days late – but over the holidays, the St. Albert Library had a book returned a few decades late.

On New Year’s Eve, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne’s House of Dreams was returned to the library – the last due date stamped on the card was for November 25, 1977.

Officials said a family found the book while clearing out their mother’s house.

“They looked in the back and they saw a date due card, when we used back in the day, said the book was due in 1977, and it turned out it was 38 years overdue,” Peter Bailey with the St. Albert Library said.

Bailey went on to say the library gave the family a ‘break’ on late fees.

The Library says at the current 15 cent per day overdue charge, the late fees for the book would add up to $2000 (not $20,000 as previously reported) – but overdue fines max out at $5.