EDMONTON -- Can Man Dan is teaming up with Halloween Alley to help low-income children wear a new costume when they go trick-or-treating this Saturday.

Dan Johnstone, also known as Can Man Dan, is bringing back the Costumes for Kids program for a second year and giving children $50 vouchers to buy a costume at Halloween Alley.

“Families are in need right now, it’s very evident in the hundreds of e-mails we receive on a weekly basis,” Johnstone said in a release. “That being said, we’re very happy to support children who wish to celebrate Halloween as it is a beloved tradition for kids all across the country and I’d hate for anyone to miss out.”

The Can Man Dan foundation is accepting donations for the children that have registered to the program online.

He will be handing out the vouchers at the Halloween Alley at 3411 Calgary Trail from noon to 9 p.m. Thursday.