An Alberta Health Services inspector has closed a Chinese restaurant in Edmonton’s Chinatown, after a number of health code violations were discovered, along with signs of a cockroach infestation.

According to a closure order issued on Tuesday, October 16, the Dynasty Century Palace, 97 Street and 105 Avenue was closed after a health inspection found a wide variety of issues.

A number of raw and cooked food items were kept at unsafe temperatures, raw meat was stored above and beside ready-to-eat and cooked foods in the cooler, containers of sauces were stored on the floor in the kitchen and storage areas, and wet, dirty and used cloths were seen on counter tops.

In addition, inspectors found evidence of cockroach infestation, and effective pest control measures were not in place.

Issues with cleaning practices by staff were also discovered, including reusable gloves that appeared to be used for both cleaning and food preparation, and an incident where an inspector saw a staff member come out of the staff washroom wearing rubber gloves, and continuing to wash dishes without washing their hands.

As a result, the restaurant was ordered to close, and will not be allowed to reopen until the issues are rectified, including ensuring all staff members who handle food have proof of food safety certification, have all staff demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of food  safety practices, and establish a pest control program.

AHS said the same restaurant was handed a work order on September 18 outlining a number of health code violations, and the most recent closure followed an order issued in mid-September 2017.