City of Edmonton drivers violated the 30 km/h playground zone speed limit more than 100 times in 2018.

One-hundred and forty of their 308 violations occurred in areas where their employer wants vehicles to slow down to protect children. Seventy-five of those fines went to ETS drivers.

“I would describe that as pretty bad modelling,” Ward 10 Councillor Michael Walters said.

An ETS spokesperson told CTV News “employees are required to pay fines for tickets incurred while operating City vehicles.” In some cases, they may also face disciplinary action.

A local mother who frequents playgrounds with her children was shocked at the city’s speed violations.

“That’s insane … the city is just as responsible as parents and everybody else driving through,” Jennifer Nelson said.

Ward 1 Councillor Andrew Knack suggested digital display signs to alert drivers they are in a playground zone.

“They’re a very low-cost solution and yet where we’ve been putting them in, we’ve seen compliance increase substantially.”

Since December, the city removed has removed 14 playground zones after deeming they were not necessary.