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City program helps Edmonton property owners pay for graffiti clean-up


The amount of graffiti showing up on private property throughout Edmonton is rising.

Last year, the number of complaints for graffiti on private property rose 79 per cent.

Carrie Holstead, the city's general enforcement manager, said there have been almost 800 so far in 2024.

Private property owners are responsible for having it removed.

"They are a victim of a crime as well," Holstead told CTV News Edmonton on Friday.

"Our approach in enforcement is always to go education and engagement first with that property owner and give them a chance to reach out to the city's Capital City Cleanup Program for support in cleaning it up."

That support includes access to money to help pay for clean-up.

Vanessa Ostapchuk, the program's co-ordinator, said property owners receive $750 per title lot per year through the program.

"If you don't use that $750 on your first application, you can apply multiple times," Ostapchuk said.

In 2023, 945 people applied for the grant.

"We are seeing people take advantage of the program," she said, adding that awareness of the Capital City Cleanup Program is growing.

"It really helps to alleviate and deter additional graffiti by getting it cleaned up quickly." Top Stories

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