Warning: This story contains strong language.

In what the United Conservatives have dubbed another smear tactic, the NDP has resurfaced—with new evidence, the party says—allegations of assault against UCP House Leader Jason Nixon.

A statement filed in court, and recently made public by Cremona-area rancher Allison Gentry, alleges Nixon assaulted her on her property on Nov. 6, 2009.

On Sunday, the NDP released a video interviewing Gentry about the incident.

Gentry claims Nixon was part of an armed, three-person group that was caught hunting on her land.

“I stopped on the road in my car, rolled down my window, and took some pictures,” she told CTV News in a phone interview.

The rancher alleges the UCP member then “came after” her, asking her if she had his permission to take his picture, and reaching into the vehicle’s cab to swat at the camera.

The court statement also claims a neighbour who Gentry called to the scene overheard one member of the hunting party say, “‘Hey, … [someone’s name] d’you want to shoot that b***h?!’”  

“That's a complete and utter lie, and everyone individual who was there that day says it's a complete and utter lie,” Nixon said in response.

Nixon says the charge was withdrawn.

His party has called the allegations “gutter politics.”

In 2011, Nixon signed a peace bond ordering him to stay away from Gentry and her property. Nixon told CTV News he only signed the document because he had no plans to go back to the ranch.

“A peace bond is not guilt,” he said. “It's a standard process when you're dealing with those situations.”

He alleged Gentry “has been angry for the last 10 years because my son did something inappropriate on her property.”

Nixon told CTV News his son shot a deer on Gentry’s property and that he joined the hunting party later on to keep the peace.

 “I chose to pick my twelve-year-old son up and put him in the truck and drive him to meet with Fish and Wildlife authorities.”

He said he was not previously on her property or involved in the shooting of the deer.

Three witnesses, via statements provided by the UCP, also allege Gentry’s claims are untrue and made out of anger. One of the witnesses was Nixon’s son.

“I certainly felt threatened by her comments,” reads part of one statement. “Despite Ms. Gentry’s threatening language, Mr. Nixon remained calm, was respectful, tried to de-escalate the situation, and ultimately departed with the youth he was there to pick up.”

Nixon said UCP Leader Jason Kenney was aware of the incident.

With files from Timm Bruch