Edmontonians can expect to see their new waste collection schedules this week – including a consistent weekly trash and recycling collection schedule.

Starting on Feb. 5, Edmonton residents will have a set day between Monday and Friday when their trash will be collected.

“We’re excited about providing same-day weekly service, because it’s convenient for residents and it makes better use of staff resources and collection vehicles,” Trent Tompkins, Director of Collection Services said in a press release. “Weekly collection provides more service within the same budget.”

Tompkins said when it’s set, residents will continue to have the same day for waste collection that will stay that way year-round.

The only exception would be if a collection day falls on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, in that case, the city will post notices of temporary changes on their website.

The city said waste collection schedules are currently being mailed – but if they aren’t received by Jan. 28, residents are advised to visit the City of Edmonton Waste Collection website, e-mail wasteman@edmonton.ca or call 311.