The future of St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School will remain unclear for another month.

On Tuesday, trustees were supposed to vote on whether to keep the school with a low attendance open, but the decision was delayed due to a “serious oversight.”

“As part of the process, we require a Community Impact Study from the City of Edmonton. … the request for this study was not sent to the City of Edmonton. Immediately upon realizing this, we contacted the City of Edmonton and have now formally made the request,” wrote John Fiacco, assistant superintendent at Edmonton Catholic Schools, in a letter to parents.

The school currently has 132 students. Attendance has decreased over the past three years, dropping from 141 in 2018 and 144 in 2017.

St. Gabriel faced closure in 2014, but it survived a trustee vote.

Fiacco said the city’s review will be posted on the school’s website and apologized to parents due to the oversight.