EDMONTON -- Sophie Trudeau and Kim Kardashian are among those who are learning about modern Indigenous style thanks to a local designer.

Derek Jagodzinsky has been working in fashion for 10 years.

About five years ago, the designer from Whitefish Lake First Nation in Treaty 8 began to pull more inspiration from his heritage.

Derek Jadozinsky

“There was not a lot of Indigenous designers, and I thought it was very important for Indigenous modern clothing to come from modern Indigenous designers,” he told CTV News Edmonton.

Since then, he’s created his own clothing line, Luxx Ready To Wear, and showcased his work at Western Canada Fashion Week.

In 2016, the assistant of a celebrity guest judge of a competition he had participated in reached out: Kim Kardashian wanted his dress.

Derek Jadozinsky

Since then, Jagodzinsky has also designed for Sophie Trudeau and Canada’s Next Top Model Season 3 runner-up Linsay Willier.

To have earned big-name clients has been very exciting, Jagodzinsky commented.

“I find it very important to share Indigenous culture in a new, modern way, because as Cree people, we like to share our culture,” the designer said.

Derek Jadozinsky

“Last season I did a collection called Cree Couture, which is very exciting, so I got to use deer hide, moose hide, a lot of different techniques such as beading, quillwork, in a new, modern way.”

In fact, many of his pieces feature Cree syllables which spell out “We will succeed.”

Although the pandemic has caused uncertainty for many shows and shoots – and a slight pivot, like for many others, to mask making – Jagodzinsky said he’s looking forward to the creativity and work that comes from it.

“I’m being really optimistic and I feel were all going to get back to where we’re supposed to be.”

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Ziyah Karmali