A WWE wrestler got a speeding ticket Saturday morning, and posted her reaction on social media.

Lacey Evans is an American professional wrestler and was in town for the WWE Live! show at Rogers Place Saturday night.

The video has garnered over 230,000 views in less than 24 hours.

In it Evans is being handed a ticket from an RCMP officer, and asks the officer, “Do you know who I am?” to which the officer replies, “I have no idea.”

The officer goes on to explain the details of the ticket and Evans grabs it out of his hands.

“You nasty thing, I’ll pay the ticket,” she says in the video.

Evans adds, “Canada is terrible,” to which the officer replies, “Welcome to Edmonton.”

According to a wrestling newsletter, Evans stayed in character during the interaction with police.

She told CTV News Edmonton in a written statement, "My character is a sassy bad guy so I play the role often."

Evans is known as WWE’s “Sassy Southern Belle” and for using the phrase “Ya nasties” while performing.

She said, "The general public now believe this interaction was real when the officer and I planned to start recording and have him walk up again with the citation in hand. As prior law enforcement myself, I didn't expect people to honestly believe this was real considering I am an entertainer and was in town for a performance."

RCMP have told CTV News Edmonton that it was a legitimate traffic stop, and that the video was not staged.

In response to Evans' statement, Cpl. Chris Warren said, "That's news to me. I know the original traffic stop was legitimate and I don't have any further information at this time."