With the holiday season fast approaching, some Edmonton stores are offering up ways to make your Christmas more eco-friendly.

At LUSH stores, customers have the option of purchasing a fabric knot-wrap to put their gifts in.

“Not only is it a beautiful presentation, but a scarf someone could wear in lots of different ways,” said LUSH Floor Manager Natalia Mozdzen.

The knot-wraps come in three different sizes, and are made with organic cotton, or recycled plastic bottles.

A few of the ways the wraps can be reused are as a headband, scarf or tote.

Mozdzen says customers have been supportive of the untraditional gift wrap since LUSH started carrying it in 2010.

“A lot of time they’re just coming in to get an attractive scarf, but then then realize at the till they can wrap it in a way to replace using a plastic bag altogether,” said Mozdzen.

LUSH’s Christmas range is 75 per cent “naked.” Mozdzen says that means its package free.

“Every year we spend billions of dollars on paper wrap, gift bags and all sorts of things,” said Mozdzen. “This is a way to give a gift that keeps giving.”

Mozdzen says that she’s noticed in recent years that customers are willing to pay a little more to get a higher quality product.

“I feel like consumers right now are really using the power they have, which is the power of their dollar to make smarter choices in the case of their gifts,” said Mozdzen.

Earth’s General Store carries a variety of eco-friendly items including glass straws, reusable bags, and reusable cutlery.

Owner Michael Kalmanovitch says giving gifts that help reduce our environmental footprint is a good option, but wants to challenge consumers to go further and reconsider traditional gift giving.

“A lot of times those presents end up being dust collectors in a house.”

Kalmanovitch says giving time to loved ones, such as offering to babysit, is a great way to cut down on waste and is a very meaningful gift. And he encourages those buying gifts to consider the packaging that it comes in.

“In fact, if you are going to give a gift, include a re-gifting voucher in it that it’s OK for that person to re-gift it so they don’t feel guilty.”

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Nicole Weisberg.