EDMONTON -- Edmonton may not get above -20 C until next Monday, Jan. 20. 

That would make this the longest stretch of consecutive days with highs below -20 C since 1998.

January 1998 had 12 straight days where the mercury failed to get above -20 C.

In the past 25 years, that’s the only other year with a week or more in the -20s.

consecutive days below -20 C, Edmonton

Even last February’s cold spell didn’t have THIS many days THIS cold in a row.  

Although, we DID have 11 straight days below -15 C and Edmonton will likely equal that mark in this current cold stretch.

cold spell, Feb 2019, Feb 2020, Edmonton

So, it’s rare to be this cold for this long. In fact, we’ll likely get five straight days where temperatures slip below -30 C.

In 1997, we had four consecutive -30 C days. But, no year in the past quarter-century has had five consecutive mornings in the -30s.


Jan 2020 Jan 1997, consecutive days -30 C

But, we’re not in line to break any records in the city.

All the record lows for the rest of this week are in the -40s and forecast lows are in the -30s.

In fact, the city of Edmonton hasn’t recorded a -40 temperature since Jan. 26, 1972.

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