EDMONTON -- An Edmonton designer is using her new clothing line to not only be stylish but to inspire and empower women.

The pieces in Wedad Amiri’s latest collection are named after Alberta women dealing with mental illness.

"When I started my clothing line a few years back I wanted it to have a social platform, I wanted to share people’s stories, especially women’s stories with clothing. I didn’t want it to be a typical clothing line," says Amiri owner of Afflatus Hijab.

Amiri's clothing, which she describes as oversized and comfortable, are accompanied by a personal story on the company’s website and social media.

Mikaela Henschel, who has a cardigan named after her, thinks using fashion is a great idea to raise awareness about mental health.

"You wear clothing everyday but when it tells a story, I think it’s really special."

Amiri says seeing stories about Edmonton women wearing hijabs being attacked in our city means there’s lot more to talk about when it comes to stigmas and stereotypes.

"To see women who look like me getting targeted is really hurtful and disappointing because we’re all the same we just have to get know each other talk to each other."

And she is hoping some important conversations can be woven together using fashion.

"At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what your religion or culture or where you’re born, everybody is dealing with something and everybody can be connected in that way and I hope my clothing does that."

Clothing like Henschel's cardigan that she wears with pride.

"I like to say my Mikaela," Henschel says with a laugh. "I like to tell all my friends they need a Mikaela, too."