EDMONTON -- The executive director at the Edmonton Downtown Business Association has resigned after he referenced the term "All Lives Matter" in a tweet, his letter of resignation reads.

"I fully and completely apologize for using ‘ALM’, a term that is associated with hate and racism. I was wrong to use it and am sorry for the hurt that it has caused," Ian O'Donnell wrote in his letter of resignation.

"I plan on educating myself more about this and other issues around injustice, unconscious bias and systemic racism."

O'Donnell's resignation is effective immediately.

The DBA's executive committee said it is "deeply disappointed and offended" by O'Donnell's comments.

"In particular, using the phrase 'all lives matter' was insensitive, disrespectful, and not reflective of our values. We thank all those who spoke up and raised their concerns," the June 4 statement reads.

"As an organization, and as individuals, we stand with all those who are protesting systemic racism and injustice, and who are demanding justice, equality and true inclusion for the black community. Black Lives Matter."

The DBA also said it would support current Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) staff and look to include more in the organization, as well as fund and help grow Black and minority-owned businesses downtown.