Fresh off of a Grey Cup win, Edmonton Eskimos player Chris Greaves and his family have taken to social media to ask for help finding a sentimental item.

Greaves accidentally left the jersey he wore at the Grey Cup in a Co-op taxi cab on Thursday December 3 in Edmonton.

“It’s a wonderful memento because it’s the actual jersey I used to play in the game,” said Greaves. “I’d just love to have that to show my kids and grandkids and so on.”

Greaves said he’s tried to call Co-op Taxi numerous times with no luck.

“I'm a forgetful person. So you know, I've left one or two things in a cab before and I just know the whole process is a nightmare trying to get it back."

The jerseys worn by the players are different than the ones worn by fans.

“It’s cut different. It’s extremely long. On me it goes down to just above my kneecaps, on anyone else it would look like a dress, unless they are extremely tall,” said Greaves.

“The fan jerseys have sleeves. A game-worn jersey is cut right below the deltoid, with an elastic around the arm cuff as well.”

His financée, Elizabeth Aquin posted a plea for help on Facebook: “We have tried so hard to track down the driver or get any info and it's just been impossible.”

“He's totally given up but I thought if someone shares this if they are from Edmonton or know someone from Edmonton… word travels fast.”

On Saturday the post had been shared more than 2,200 times.

Greaves said he’s cautiously optimistic that the jersey will be returned.

“The thing that I love the most is everyone’s willingness to help and you can’t put a price on that,” said Greaves. “Just shows the amount of great people out there and Esks fans are some of the best in the world.”

“This jersey means so much to him,” Aquin said.

With files from CTV’s Amanda Anderson