EDMONTON -- The deep freeze that has gripped Edmonton has left many motorists frustrated—due to their car batteries dying due to the extreme cold.

The chilly temperatures is a negative for many, but it’s a positive for Interstate All Battery Centre.

Thousands of batteries fill the business in northwest Edmonton, with a steady flow of customers bringing in their dead batteries for new ones.

The shop's manager, Mike Telford, says this past year has been nearly unprecedented.

He says even if your battery has made it this far, if it’s not new, it’s likely been affected by the bitter cold.

“Even though your battery might have lasted this seven-day stretch, it’s put a real strain onto your cells.”

As for the batteries that haven’t survived this cold snap, it’s not the end of the road for them just yet.

“The plastic and lead and acid gets extracted, and then the lead gets sent down to Portland, Oregon,” said Telford.

“That’s where we get our batteries from, Portland.”

From Jan. 12, 2020 to Jan.16, 2020, AMA received more than 55,000 calls for assistance, with calls about battery issues triple the usual amount.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s David Ewasuk