EDMONTON -- The biggest star of the Edmonton Oilers will be repping a local apparel company during the NHL playoffs.

Lenard and his owners Connor McDavid and Lauren Kyle are some of All Tied Up's newest customers.

"We're both big fans of Connor McDavid, and I'm a big fan of Lauren and her interior design work, so I thought it would be really cool if we gave her something to wear that we made," Chelsey Corcoran told CTV News Edmonton.

She took her shot and slid into Kyle's DMs.

"We were both so excited when she did (respond)," Corcoran and co-owner Daelin Boucher said.

Kyle reportedly requested the tie-dyed colours match her boyfriend's jersey. And almost immediately after receiving her sweat set, McDavid's matching hoodie, and Leonard's bandana, Kyle sent the All Tied Up duo photos.  

Upon seeing the famous miniature bernedoodle in something she and Boucher designed, Corcoran's reaction was: "Woah."  

The pictures made a bigger splash on their social media feed.

"We got a lot of messages from our friends and family, and people we didn't even know."

It's a lesson the young entrepreneurs want others to learn, too. They started tie-dying their own clothes three years ago and turned the hobby into a side business at an explosion of interest from friends and family.

"Start anywhere and see where it goes," Boucher advised.

The pair say they've received an order from the Canucks team, and expect more Oilers requests as the Stanley Cup contest gets underway.