Alberta Education Minister David Eggen released the province’s plan to update the province’s school curriculum, for every single grade, over the next six years.

Eggen said the new curriculum will be developed simultaneously covering six subject areas: arts, language arts (for English and French), mathematics, social studies, sciences, and wellness.

The province is also looking for feedback from Albertans.

“All Albertans will have their say in this important work as we will launch surveys this fall that will be accessible to every Albertan, and we will kick off a massive engagement strategy,” Eggen said Wednesday.

The new curriculum will be developed simultaneously in English and French, a first for Alberta.

Officials said the new curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 4 by late 2018, Grades 5 to 8 is expected to be finished by late 2019. The High School curriculum will be developed in phases between 2020 and 2022.

The current curriculum will be in place until the new curriculum is completed.

The province said the updated curriculum will include support for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit student learning, along with inclusion of ‘Education for Reconciliation’. Francophone perspectives will also be part of the re-vamped curriculum.

The new curriculum is being funded through the current budget, over six years it’s expected to cost $64,430,684. The cost includes $38,850,000 for staffing, and $20,394,684 for what the province called an ‘engagement strategy’.