Unofficial results on Tuesday’s provincial election were released by Elections Alberta Friday and shows a strong sweep by the United Conservative Party.

The UCP won 63 seats and received over one million votes, while Alberta’s NDP snagged 24 seats and received over 600,000 votes.

Unofficial voter turnout is 71.1 per cent based on 1,880,508 votes cast and 2,643,453 registered electors, Elections Alberta said.

Despite the Alberta Party not nabbing a single seat in the Alberta Legislature, the party did manage to receive over 170,000 votes.

Of the record-breaking nearly 700,000 advance ballots cast across the province, Elections Alberta said more than 223,000 were cast at a polling station that was outside the voter’s riding. Officials did not start counting those 223,000 ballots until Wednesday afternoon.

The official results will be announced on April 26.