EDMONTON -- A new floral delivery service and café has opened up during the pandemic.

Brew+Bloom is located at 10550 115 St. NW, and business has been booming for the female entrepreneurs who opened their doors to the public on Feb. 26.

The owners say they first got their start at the farmers market, then blossomed their vision into a storefront.

“It was always going to be a café but we wanted to build our brand first and experiment with our flowers and our products and then have that system to create a café,” Cecilia Baguiwong, co-owner of Brew+Bloom, said.


Courtesy: Brew+Bloom Facebook

The space offers floral pieces, handmade beauty products and nourishing food for all Edmontonians.

“We’ve actually heard that were the first floral café in Canada.”

Baguiwong added that her business partner Samantha Pham is very business savvy so when the idea to start a business together came up while they were roommates, she knew it would be the right fit.

According to Baguiwong, Pham said, “Hey, you like cafés. I want a cafe with flowers. Let's do it.” And the rest is history.

Baguiwong said they combined their love of café and floral arrangements to create something unique. They offer flower infused food and drinks, a new concept to many who visit the café.

“Some people are really surprised they’ll be like, ‘Hey can I eat this’ on their food, and I’ll be like, 'Yes, completely edible,'” Baguiwong said. 

The most popular latté on the menu right now is the Cloud Latté.

“It’s an iced latte but we infuse it with condensed milk that has super food powder in it, cotton candy and then you pour the espresso on top and it just melts into this really delicious latté,” Baguiwong said.


Their other signature item is the bloom jar floral arrangements.

bloom jar

Courtesy: Brew+Bloom Facebook

Every six months the plan is to change the floral installation displayed in the café. The reason behind this is to keep customers excited about what they’re doing but to also change with the seasons, Baguiwong told CTV News Edmonton. 

“That’s kind of our theme, we make everything really pretty and put a flower on there.”


A Bloom Jar Subscription is a special service offered at the café as a way to keep fresh flowers in the home. Right now, there are weekly to bi-weekly deliveries to choose from, according to the Brew+Bloom website.

Each bouquet is hand-picked and delivered within 24 hours of being cut and arranged.

While the location is still very new, a reservation is required in advance to visit the café. However, Baguiwong told CTV News that they’re looking to add a bar so they can begin serving customers later into the evening.