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'Feels like a holiday': Edmonton businesses close early for Game 7


Dozens of local businesses are closing early to give their staff the chance to watch Game 7 on Monday.

The owners of Pals Sandwiches, Pip, Meat, Marlo Tacos and The Next Act Pub have shut their doors at 3 p.m.

Faye McBain of Pals Sandwiches told CTV News Edmonton that the decision "just makes sense."

"After we won Game 4, I thought if we can do this, we'll definitely close for Game 7," McBain said.

McBain went on to add that the day "feels like a holiday" and the staff are very much on board.

"I know we have a handful of staff that are really into hockey who have been following their whole lives. Even the staff that aren't, they're ready. They're excited. Everybody's thrilled about it."

Anne Owens of Sherbrooke Liquor also decided to give staff the day off for Game 7 so they can cheer on the Oilers.

Owens said she and her husband use a messaging app for their business where they were flooded with messages after Game 6.

"It just started to blow up after the game," Owens said. "Both David and I were like "You know what? I feel like we need to kind of do something," and we made the executive decision probably two hours after Game 6 that we would close early for Game 7."

"I think that the energy that is happening in our city right now, even if you're not an Oilers fan, I think you can't help but get excited about this and what this means for all of us," Owens added.

The Oilers will play the Panthers in Game 7 on Monday at 6 p.m.