EDMONTON -- Crowds flocked to the beach on Sylvan Lake Saturday, creating a discussion online of the apparent lack of physical distancing being practiced.

Sylvan Lake today - my anxiety was a tad high today,” posted Twitter user @papercandie.

“Don’t think we’ll be going back. I felt like a Covidiot today,” they continued.

The photos garnered reaction on Twitter, with many sharing their experiences and concerns with what was spotted.

We are at Sylvan Lake as well...we got on the boat and anchored it off shore and didn’t go near the beach or swimming area...and I still felt the anxiety over the crowds too,” wrote one user.


“It was like dodgeball. There was a lot of people, physical distancing was gone. I maybe saw four or five people other than ourselves wearing a mask,” said Greg Dickson , a resident of Sylvan Lake.

“I was just shocked. There were so many people walking by that they were stepping on your toes. I’ve seen the beach busy before, never like this. It was just a crush," Dickson added. 

According to Alberta Health, AHS public health inspectors and police agencies can both respond primarily on a public complaint basis to reports of physical distancing not being maintained