RCMP provided an update Saturday morning surrounding the investigation into the explosions that rocked the Strathcona County Community Centre Tuesday night.

Mounties now say that of the two explosions that occurred on the lower level of the Community Centre parkade, only the first one was deliberate.

That initial explosion damaged multiple vehicles nearby, and as a result the gas tank of one of the vehicles caught fire and caused a second explosion.

Following the first explosion, the suspect, identified as 21-year-old Kane Kosolowsky, returned to his vehicle and suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He later died in hospital.

Inside the suspect’s vehicle, multiple firearms were seized. No additional explosives were found at the scene.

Police have seized several items and a forensic examination that is expected to take place this month should determine what type of explosives were used.

Surveillance footage from the scene was reviewed by police, and will not be released.

For the past three days, the RCMP Explosive Disposal Unit and Special Tactical Operations searched the buildings and surrounding area for additional threats to public safety.  None were identified.

At this time, no specific motives have been found and RCMP say the act appears to have been carried out by Kosolowsky alone.

"It may be that we will never fully know what his motives were," said Superintendent for Strathcona County RCMP Dave Kalist.

The parkade has since been turned over to Strathcona County. Police remain on scene providing assistance with security.

Strathcona County Mayor Rod Frank provided an update Saturday afternoon, saying that a security review is currently underway after the incident.

However, before the review is undertaken, a detailed structure assessment as well as an indoor contamination assessment of the parkade and vehicles must be completed.

The results from the environmental testing are expected sometime next week, while the removal of more than 100 vehicles still left in the parkade is expected to take some time to complete.

A date for the reopening of the Community Centre has yet to be determined, but Frank issued a reminder that the community remains safe.

"Our community is safe. My son will be playing hockey tonight at a public space building a few hundred yards from here. I'll be there enjoying the game."