EDMONTON -- The City of Edmonton has begun the process to provide free menstrual products in its public facilities.

A city spokesperson tells CTV News Edmonton the move comes after a successful pilot project in 2019.

The city  began installing roughly 100 free, motion-activated, timed menstrual product dispensers in public washrooms last week.

According to the city, feminine hygiene products will be placed in public women's and inclusive washrooms and change rooms where toilet paper, soap, and hand towels/dryers are provided.

City Hall, recreation and leisure centres, arenas, and some transit centres are among the facilities that will have menstrual products available for free.

Scarlet Bjornson, founder of No Woman Without, had been lobbying for the city to provide menstrual products in public washrooms since 2018.

"It's an incredible step forward toward gender equality and ending poverty in our communities," Bjornson told CTV News Edmonton. 

"We are so thrilled about this announcement."

The city says the project is "being funded by existing budgets and costs will be monitored as the rollout continues."

"In my experience and other work that I do at Bissell Centre," said Bjornson, "folks who experience their period are actually using alternative measures like dirty socks or toilet paper, or using products too long and that can lead to horrible life-threatening problems.

"Having access to these products on the broad spectrum is a massive deal for many members of the community." 

Menstrual products will not be provided in Edmonton Public Libraries, or Edmonton Police Service buildings. 

City administration expects all dispensers to be installed by June 16.