Edmontonians now have the option of checking out some familiar city landmarks from the comfort of their own home.

Google has launched maps with enhanced, 360-degree panoramic Street View for several Edmonton facilities including City Hall, Churchill Square, the Muttart Conservatory and the Valley Zoo.

“I think it’s something that can help build more awareness and appreciation and pride in Edmonton,” said Carol Hurst with the city.

Virtual visitors can watch zoo animals playing, stroll the city hall fountains or check out river valley trails and parks including Hawrelak Park and Louise McKinney Riverfront Park, using Google’s interactive, 360-degree Street View photos.

It’s an option that can be used by locals and those planning on visiting the city.

“It’s positive. It’s an option for everyone to use. If you’re local it’s a great way to go and explore your city online,” Hurst said.

“For people who may be planning a trip to Edmonton, it’s great too because it really gives you a sense of what city hall, what the river valley, what some of these places look like before you actually come here.”

A Google mapping team captured the images in July, using a specially-equipped Google motorized tricycle and panoramic camera.

Google says Street View was updated with the panoramic views for Canadian cities this week.

"We're proud to showcase the streets of Edmonton on Google Maps," Aaron Brindle with Google tells CTV News.

"Our goal at Google is to create the world's most comprehensive, accurate and user-friendly map available. We see Street View imagery as an important part of delivering on that ambitious goal."

Also launched this week was Google's Street View map of one of Canada's remote, arctic communities, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. It's the furthest north in Canada that Google's Street View team has ever travelled.

"We're doing our best to make Street View imagery available for most public roads across Canada," Brindle said.

Edmonton was among a number of Canadian cities selected by Google in expanding its Street View mapping project and Hurst says the city was honoured to be chosen.

“We were thrilled when Google contacted us,” she said.

“We’re thrilled about it because it’s another option, its another way for people to discover Edmonton and to explore Edmonton.”