A fluid spill on a road near the Edmonton International Airport caused traffic disruptions in the area Thursday morning.

On Thursday morning, crews were called to Airport Road, west of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway after an unknown fluid started leaking onto the roadway from a vehicle.

Firefighters with Leduc County called in HAZMAT crews from Edmonton Fire Rescue to help with the scene, they took over a short time later.

Edmonton Fire said two units were on scene late Thursday morning, along with a decontamination unit. It was believed about 400 litres of the fluid had leaked, but it wasn’t clear what it was.

The fluid was described as flammable and corrosive. Officials said the spill had been contained to a ditch.

Alberta Environment had been called in.

Due to the leak, traffic on Airport Road was diverted – RCMP said drivers should use 36 Street via Highway 19 to access the airport.

The Edmonton International Airport posted a map showing the route drivers could take to get around the closure.